M-Files 2015.1 is available now!

Tony Sager - Saturday, October 17, 2015

M-Files 2015.1 offers a variety of new features and enhancements to increase performance, reliability, productivity and efficiency. Lets walk through the main enhancements in this release.

1. Parallel Approvals in Workflows

In M-Files 2015 and earlier, you can create only one assignment per workflow state. In M-Files 2015.1, you can configure multiple assignments per workflow state. Each assignment can have a unique set of assignees, as well as a separate assignment class, title, description, and deadline. With the assignment class, you can define the assignment type (task or approval assignment) and the assignment completion criteria (see chapter 3 for details). In the example below, separate assignments are created to capture the brochure approvals of the Brand Manager and the Medical Affairs Manager.

2. Metadata Card Configurability

The metadata card in M-Files 2015.1 is fully configurable to help your organization capture metadata more efficiently and more accurately. You can create multiple configuration rules and determine the hierarchy between the rules. The rules are evaluated hierarchically.

Each configuration rule consists of conditions and behaviors. Conditions determine when the configuration is applied, and behaviors define how the configuration is changed.

3. Improvements in Assignments

In M-Files 2015 and earlier, the assignment objects can be used either as standalone task assignments, as assignments related to a document or another object, or as separate workflow assignments. The logic in the assignment objects was always similar: there can be one or many assignees, and assignees can mark the assignments complete or leave them open. Once all assignees had marked the assignment as complete, the assignment object was considered as complete. M-Files 2015.1 extends the assignment capabilities in numerous ways.

The main enhancements are:

  • Possibility to complete a task assignment when any of the assignees has completed the task
  • Approval assignments
  • Support for electronic signatures in assignments

4. Combo URLs

Objects and views can be referred to with two kinds of hyperlinks in M-Files. M-Files URLs (with the m-files:// prefix) are supported in M-Files Desktop and M-Files Mobile. M-Files Web does notsupport M-Files URLs but the objects can be referred to with http(s) URLs instead. Since it is not always possible to know whether the recipient of the hyperlink wants to access the object in M-Files using M-Files Web, Mobile, or Desktop, M-Files 2015.1 adds support for Combo URLs that contain hyperlinks for all clients

5. Faster and More Scalable Full-Text Search

The recommended maximum number of objects in an M-Files Standard document vault is one million objects. Although, this is not a hard limit, the full-text search index often becomes a bottleneck in the system if you go beyond one million objects in the vault. For M-Files 2015.1 Enterprise Edition users the new recommended maximum number of objects per vault is as high as 10 million objects. Solid performance in big repositories can be achieved by leveraging the new full-text search indexing capabilities offered to the Enterprise Edition customers. These technologies allow using multiple indexing servers forthe repository. Please contact us for more details and recommendations.

6. Paging for Listings of Search Results and Views

M-Files 2015.1 helps in making listing views less cluttered as users can paginate the listings. In the example below, the search found 46 documents with the keyword proposal. The first 10 results are shown, and the user can show all results by pressing the Nextbutton.

7. Improvements in M-Files Mobile

 M-Files Mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone are updated quarter-yearly. These updates are independent of M-Files Server, Web, and Desktop updates. The latest enhancements in M-Files Mobile focus on improvements in federated authentication and offline use. Please review the M-Files Mobile Apps Feature Comparison document in M-Files Knowledge Base for up-to-date feature support information.

8. Windows 10 Compatible

M-Files is now compatible with Windows 10, Microsoft Office 2016 and Auto desk Auto CAD 2016.

9. Language versions of M-Files

In addition to providing lot of software localization's, M-Files lets you to translate the metadata structure to many different languages. Users can individually select the software and metadata structure language of their preference. The M-Files Web language is determined by each user's browser settings, but it is equally possible for the system administrator to override the language selection via the M-Files Web configuration site. The language of an M-Files mobile app can be changed via the language settings of each device.

If you would like to know more about how document management can help your small business or even trial the M-Files document management software, please contact us today. We're happy to assist!

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