M-Files for Sage 200

Improve your purchasing and accounts payable processes

Eliminate paper filing, improve reporting accuracy and get a permanent electronic record for any financial event - all with M-Files for Sage 200 Accounting Suite.

Document management processes can be manual and error-prone – two things that decrease efficiency and increase liability in accounting and financial operations. But with M-Files for Sage 200, you can reduce errors inherent in the traditional, manual-based management of purchasing and accounts payable documentation – while increasing productivity.

Increase Productivity

M-Files makes sure all relevant documents, such as invoices, receipts, purchase orders and financial statements, are instantly available from within your Sage accounting system.

In addition, version history and check-in/check-out features ensure access to the latest up-to-date documents while also facilitating team collaboration and data security by efficiently managing access to documents that are edited by multiple team members. With integrated workflow, M-Files’ document management is an important step if your accounting team is transitioning to an entirely electronic workflow system – which can be exclusive to specific internal workgroups or company-wide.

Improve accuracy and efficiency

M-Files with Sage 200 makes it easy to attach any type of document to any accounting record - whether it is scanned in from paper or generated electronically with common applications such as Microsoft Office and Acrobat. Plus, documents stored in the M-Files document vault can be directly tagged or associated with transactions within Sage 200, and then automatically classified and indexed using any tag or metadata property, including the customer, contact, and/or project to which it is related.

Fast and easy-to-use

M-Files makes it easy and fast to find any document associated with a transaction recorded in Sage 200 - all it takes is a single click directly within the Sage 200 interface. You can also access the document vault directly via the easy-to-use M-Files Windows Explorer interface that supports all Windows applications. All documents can be instantly ocated by typing in a tag or two right from the standard File Open and Save commands in Excel, Word, Acrobat or any other Windows application. You can also organise and display relevant documents in any manner, such as by customer, department, vendor, project or any other metadata property or tag.

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