M-Files for Salesforce CRM

Manage Documents Directly within Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce CRM is a leading cloud application to manage such records and activities. But these CRM processes produce lots of customer-related documents, such as proposals, presentations, contracts, purchase orders and emails. How do you manage them?.

M-Files integrates seamlessly with Salesforce CRM enabling users to easily tag (or attach) documents from proposals to email conversations to Salesforce CRM objects such as accounts, leads, contacts and opportunities. It also enables you to view, modify and create Salesforce CRM objects via M-Files interface — online and offline.

Whether you are looking for a perfect on-premise, cloud, or hybrid cloud Document Management System to assist you with your CRM processes, M-Files is the right choice for you. Instead of being just another Web-based storage and sharing tool, M-Files appears as a virtual disk on your computer and acts exactly like the familiar Windows Explorer interface, so if you know Windows, you already know M-Files!

M-Files helps you to make your documentation discoverable and compliant. M-Files:

  • enforces all content to automatic version history and comes with time-stamped full audit trail
  • has easy-to-use workflow features enable you to set up approval processes for proposals and other content. These processes can be enriched with electronic signatures for better compliance
  • notification features automatically remind you of expiring agreements
  • classifies all content with simple metadata tags instead of classifying files with traditional folders. You can access the same document through multiple views: by month, state, customer, contact, opportunity, for instance
  • content is also indexed so all documents are easy to discover with search
  • permission management is world-class and it is easy to enforce automatic permissions for documents based on their properties or metadata
  • makes managing paper documents easy: it integrates with any desktop and network scanner and, with the optional OCR module, all content gets indexed too

To see M-Files for Salesforce CRM in action for yourself, watch this video:

Video: M-Files for Salesforce CRM

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